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Quick review of SPAWAR SCC 4.2 Beta 1 with OpenSCAP/SCAP Security Guide

Earlier today (Fri 3-FEB-2017), SPAWAR released a beta edition of their SCAP Compliance Checker 4.2 Beta 1, also known as SPAWAR SCC. Their tool works across multiple operating systems and their latest release “adds NIST 800-53 mappings to reports when CCE/CCI references are included in the content.” The inclusion of NIST and CCE metadata is extremely helpful […]

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Draft NIST 800-171 baseline for RHEL7

Initial guidance on configuring RHEL7 against NIST 800-171/CUI has been developed. Below is a short(ish) background on NIST 800-171/Controlled Unclassified Information, sample security compliance guides and reports, and how you can give feedback (or participate!) on this work.

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