Month: May 2013

Don’t miss the point of the RHEL6 STIG!

There’s a DoD Directive, DoDD 8500.1, mandating the hardening of IT products prior to deployment on military networks. Per policy these hardening requirements must be issued by the Defense Information System Agency, who has responsibility for DoD’s global information grid, before technology can be deployed on military networks. That requirement is now met for RHEL6. […]

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Save the Date: 26-JUNE workshops on Common Criteria KVM, RHEL6 STIG, Audit, SELinux, and Storage

This past March Red Hat and DLT hosted a day of STIG and SCAP workshops, allowing the community to get their hands on the pending RHEL6 STIG, perform scans and gain some overall familiarity with SCAP. NSA and DISA FSO joined the sessions, allowing attendees to have direct conversations with policy makers and those who […]

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